Password Provider 1.0.3

Password Provider 1.0.3



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Date Added:12 October, 2014

Author: Hawwash-Soft

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Password Provider empowers you to fast generate passwords with four unique methods. Each method has its own settings. *Voice Enabled*

+ Simple & Effective Interface
+ Four Methods to generate passwords each with its own settings
+ You can regenerate the password until you are satisfied
+ The ability to Email password
+ The ability to Copy password to Pasteboard
+ The ability to Pronounce password and password phonetics
+ The ability to Keep generated password (complementary feature)

Generation Methods
- Basic Generator: Set the overall password length and select what kind of character sets (capitals letters/ small letters / digits/ symbols) to include
- Counted Generator: Set the length of each kind of character sets to include
- Pattern Generator: provide the pattern mask of the password (example mask: CvcvNNNS => [consonant, capital] [vowel, small] [consonant, small][vowel, small][digit][digit][digit][symbol], an instance: "Codu592@")
- Alien Name* Generator: generate alien names by selecting how many alien name parts you want.

Password Provider Users could be: Administrators of different kinds, Developers, heavy Internet users, normal computer users, and even normal users. For example normal users can generate passwords for their garage, receiver, or any digital locks. Parents may find this App useful too.

*Why use Alien Names as passwords?
Many use alien names from their favorite movies as their password. This increases the risk of discovering the password. Now create your own alien name using Password Provider without the risk of being discovered. It is pronounceable, relatively easy to remember and very hard to discover. You can select how many name parts you want up to three parts. If you don"t like the generated name keep regenerating until you find the suitable name.

- Keep your settings for the password a secret.
- Clear the generated Password List when you are done.
- Use Headphone while hearing the password pronounced
- If you copy the password to the Pasteboard, make sure to clear the Pasteboard when done.
- General: Change the password frequently (every 2 or 4 weeks)

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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